Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Enough has been said on DGP Rathore. Most people get frustrated on the mere mention of his name. No, not because he abetted suicide of a young girl he molested. Not even because he tortured her eleven year old kid brother, or drove the family away from their own home. But because Rathore has gotten enough hype as it is. From him being on national TV news channels acting cocky to threatening the media to getting bail on the very paltry amount of time he was sentenced for. Yes, all of us condemn what he did, maybe even hate him.
But Utsav Sharma did more than just that. In the news today for stabbing Rathore in the face(thrice!) with a pen knife, I have nothing but respect for the 29 year old.
Yes, it sounds like our entire generation is disillusioned. But how long can you sit still? How can you sit by and tolerate a lecherous 'killer' on the loose? How long before you let off your steam?
Did Utsav do anything wrong? Yes. Were his methods probably contrived and impetuous? Of course. So why the respect? Because Utsav is proof that our youth isn't just a by-product of capitalism, feeding on what the government tells us. He is also not insane, or at least, not if you don't ask the police. A journalism student, currently studying in NID, Utsav probably knew what he was going to do.
Honestly, I am not someone who believes in taking justice into your own hands. But then again, can you blame someone for reacting like that if all that Rathore got for inflicting 20 years of torture on a family is 6 months?
Also, this fear, this sort of anger, is not about Rathore. Somewhere, it transcends and seeps into the entire judiciary of ours. Are we heading toward a 'one man for himself' sort of regime? Because if we are, someone should warn me. Screw democracy, screw justice, I am registering for a gun.


Anonymous said...

Nice article. Except we are moving AWAY from a 'one man for himself' regime you know. Unfortunately, We still see its existence even at this level. You must be a part of some metro for sure, but India outside the metros is quite a no. of years behind the metros. In most of India, (which is not as well off as the metros) its largely a danda rule. Where middle class educated Indians with money dun exist, It boils down to the power that one holds. We have our ministers as proof to that. Mayawati, a person at that post, with blatant expression of the power beyond all concept. Infact there was also the national basketball games, where teams from different places had guns pointed to the players heads, n ordered to lose to the team hosting the event. When one of the organisers was approached, he said, even I've had a katta pointed at me, thats not reason enough to back out for any sports person. They can't relate to us really. N if you want proof we are movin AWAY from those times, go to our indian cinema. Most old movies will invariably have the guy takin the law into his own hands. The reason people never asked, 'n how does he plan to escape the law now' was cuz it WAS a very one man for himself society.

Stuti said...

@Anon: Hey, Thanks so much for your comment. :)
I meant to say, and still do, that the kind of India that we do live in is an evolved version of a deathtrap. You do this, you are damned. Don't do the same, and you are still damned. Human Rights and Human life have absolutely no value! Sure, we talk about liberation, and being emancipated, and also moving toward a more tolerant society. But do you see that being reflected anywhere? Right down from the judiciary to the police to the policy framers.
And yeah, I do come from a metro, only I also know what it is like in a smaller town. The onus is not on taking law into your hands, it's about the sort of trust we accord to the government. The truth is, we are living in a "democracy"(I won't go into the effectiveness of a democracy), and our government does owe us some consideration for justice. I don't want to trust a judicial system which says I am faking a rape story in order to get compensation, even when I have medical evidence to prove the same.
And honestly, Indian films still show the usually male protagonist to take law, and education and healthcare into his own hands, and expectedly, he always succeeds! Refer to 3 Idiots, Kaminey, My Name is Khan.

Anonymous said...

And your point is, that we are evolving, and we have a long way to go? sure, we do.

That everyone is a hypocrite and don't realize they are bein hypocrites and need this wake up call? Not really. The judiciary has of late passed VERY country beneficial laws. In fact good law making has only come from them. The intent over there is fair.

That the intent of the people in power is bad and they probably laugh like mandark believin they have us fooled? The intent of MANY people is bad. Unfortunately, there exist entire hoards of societies where power is respected beyond morality. And power is RESPECTED not feared or the like, but respected.

Middle class educated Indians exist in very few places, n are largely concentrated in the big cities.

The Indian, who is not habituated to society living, who is arrogant, vain, n without attempting to comprehend, believes he knows all, who is a chauvinist still dominates a larger part of India.

The fight is between THAT Indian, and the newer humbler one.

Oh and as for the movies, check out the older ones, with the intent of differentiating. You will realize, one man for himself WAS a way of life. There are no authorities, no societies, and thats the deal for the normal people. Now, if the protagonist is taking law into his hands, he's more likely to be a gunda, n not be publicly hailed as a hero. As for the education thing, that was quite different. You'd know that right?

Anonymous said...

oh, n for the old movies bit, i just meant, the protagonist while breakin the law, never had any opposition from society, au contraire he'd be hailed as a hero. Somethin u'd never find now.

Stuti said...

I do agree with you on that bit about the Judiciary. Of the three realms of a democracy, the judiciary is probably the only one which is humane in approach and considers "citizens" as more than just a "stupid herd"(Walter Lippman's words, not mine).
Think about the Dowry Act, Section 377 being abolished and also the "security" granted to live-in couples. Yes, there are landmark decisions being made, right now, right this instant.
Also, thanks to judicial activism/PILs, there is a spurt in the way the Judiciary interferes with the Executive/Legislature for the common good. But, you cannot deny, we are a country where justice can be bought, and easily bought.
Why is it that our cases go on for 19 years, and it is nothing extraordinary? Why is it that a woman who is molested doesn't want to lodge an FIR? Because she knows nothing will happen. She knows the assailant will get a slap from the police, there will be no hearing, and she has to simmer in her own anger and pain.
No, the judiciary doesn't merely comprise of the judges and the Courts. It is a process, beginning from the very grass root.
And why bring class into education? You'd be surprised to know that the rural women and men are more smart, more educated than many, many people living in urban areas.
I still think that the comparison of this "reality" with Indian films needs to stop. If Indian films are to be believed, I can go around all of USA, on foot, telling each citizen that I am not a terrorist.

Anyway, I'd really like to know who you are. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh,I dun claim cinema is reality. Cinema is most definitely extra ordinary stories. But the back-drop they're in reflect the society. Thats worth observing n learnin from.

And I'm jus sayin, that all those things u claim that happen, wel, earlier when they happened, the mentality of the people pretty much prevented them from even realizing its seriousness. We have progressed from there, thats all.

Don't rebel just to rebel, thats all. :D Acknowledge the good as much as u're aware of the bad.

Stuti said...

Earlier? We are talking RIGHT this MOMENT. Or, about the Rathore case, 2 months back.
Who says anything about rebel? And how do you know what is rebel?
Who says am not reflecting on the good? But then how much bad can anyone take?

Btw, who are you?

Anonymous said...

This is Vipul. Bombay. Vipul Shah. I've apparently talked a lotta crap, so forgive me. :)

Ps- No google account, incase u wonderin.

Stuti said...

Haha, no. I was wondering how an Anonymous comment leaving person is replying so soon after my comment, and taking so much interest in the same. :)

And you don't have to apologise, that's what the internet is here for. Have a blog?